Benjamin T. Britt 2004

2004 Class Crest

Cullum No. 60428 • Dec 22, 2005 • Died in Baghdad, Iraq; KIA

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  • CPT Christopher J. Baldwin, USA
  • Mr. John K. Boyce Jr. '45
  • Mr. David M. Britt Jr.
  • Ms. Mary A. Britt
  • Mr. George E. Dials '67
  • Mr. Lyman C. Doyle
  • CPT Daniel J. Fox '04
  • Mr. Wesley W. Graham
  • CPT John D. Hortman, USA
  • COL John W. Kennedy III, USA, Retired
  • Mr. Matthew J. Kuntz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Lilly '70
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mahan '70
  • Mr. James B. Melesky '71
  • CPT Brent J. Pafford USA '04
  • CPT William W. Shelton '04
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Shelton III
  • Mr. Henry C. Shelton IV
  • MG (R) and Mrs. Scott B. Smith '56
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